Disrespect! Mean Isuzu XTR destined for UK only

It's madness we tell you. But to be honest, we're actually a little relieved. Look at the thing!

Is Isuzu mad? Perhaps they are because in the very same week we called them genius and all together "tougherer than the best of them", they've gone and done something downright disrespectful: They've put together a mean little package of a bakkie we'd eat up like a boerewors roll but then went and only offered it to the UK!

Huh? Tsek!

To the UK? What the heck will the Brits do with a bakkie clearly designed for die bosveld? Go fox hunting? Go sheep herding? Gimme a break. It's the most ridiculous thing we've heard since the very same Isuzu teamed up with Arctic Trucks to, yet again, not let us have a single one of them. It doesn't make any sense.

Poor Brits are still coming to terms with the very concept of a bakkie and now Isuzu is offering them one with a fatter body kit than our own? The disrespect!

Be that as it may, now this: We don't want it anyway!

Who in their right minds wants a 1.9-turbodiesed with 120kW? Not us, especially one with a face like the ant from 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' that, hear this, Isuzu describes as ‘sophisticated body kit’. Sure...

Got to love it though. Got to love the effort! But, as far as Mzansi goes, we'll stick to the magnificent Isuzu X-Rider!

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