Gruppe5 to build 300 retro BMW monsters!

Best believe it. Your BMW 2002 could push as much as 590kWs!

Gruppe5 Motorsport! Remember the name son because this here rendering of its insane BMW 2002 will be everything that you've ever wanted when it actually comes to life this winter.

Yes, this thing is very real and will boast a 5.9-lite V10 straight out of a BMW M5. Straight of 300 M5s to be exact because that's how many of these they're hoping to build.

Jirre. Talk about being addicted to speed. And not just any speed. That scary, retro type from the 70s...

To make matters better, the massive carbon fibre body kit brings the weight down to under a tonne, which means that it produces more downforce than it weighs when you're gooi-ing it around the corners. Lekker.

Then, its inners will be tuned by legendary BMW racing driver Steve Dinan who will do his best to make sure that its monstrous level of power can safely find tar when pushed through the back wheels.


But, as much as this thing will turn heads and break necks - many we're sure - it's got us asking: Why would we want to take our Bavarian masterpiece and do this to it? Because hear this: They won't get you the 2002 that lies beneath - you'll have to provide yours as a basis.

Now, don't get us wrong - barely legal race cars are very much our thing at GT MAG, but doing this to some 300 mint 2002s sounds a little sacrilege.

Right? Indeed.

But hey - this a strange and wonderful motoring world and if that's the way we're headed, well, then strap us in.