Young designers impress with these beauts!

The future of the car world is in good hands if these Alfa sketches are anything to go by. South Africa - get involved!

Recently young and impressive Americans took first, second and third place in FCA's 'Drive for Design' contest when they put together these beauts based on a snake, a shark and a large serving of creative juice! Mooi.

First up - Max Cooper from Miami and the overall winner of the competition with his Serpente, an outrageous looking thing that needs no further explanation. None. It's venomous we tell you - venomous! And definitely something for Alfa's top guys to think about...


In second, something as out-there and striking, by Mason Ross, a legend with clearly a taste for the extravagant. His take on an Alfa Romeo super car is superbly balanced and perhaps the prettiest of the top three. Poised. Scuplted. Beautiful. Bravo!

Finally, in third, Vincent Piaskowski, with the bravest of the lost - the Pescacane - the first shark-based hyper car we've ever seen that you'd be downright scared to get sight of at night. It's pretty damn vicious and everything we look for in a creative soul. Don't lose that sharky spirit Vincy-boi!

Now, all this commotion and creativity has got us thinking at GT MAG: How many young South Africans are trying their hand at some crazy car design of their own? How many of you are the next legends in line who will redefine the curves of the gusheshe? The face of the Hilux? The ass of the new Vrrrpha?

Are you talented bro?

If you are, send us your designs and we'll show them to the world.