VW's ID.3 is the biggest thing since Golf

SA's favourite brand is about to step into a new era. But are we ready?

The ID.3! Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Well, if it doesn't it should. In fact, it has to. It's the start of a new chapter in the Volkswagen story and it's as significant as the Beetle and the Golf. Ma'gents - this is Chapter 3 in VW's epic motoring story - the electric one!

That's exactly how VW themselves describe it and its very name is proof. The 3 literally stands for 'chapter 3' - a new era for the global giant as it braces for an electric and easy-breathing future. For South Africa's most emotional brand, we should be bracing for that future too whether we like it or not.

Jokes aside about Molefe and the Guptas over at Eskom, if South Africa is not ready to charge-up electric cars we could get left behind. The ID.3 starts shipping as early as the middle of the next year after all and SA's electricity problems might also come back to haunt us on the road...

Sure, we might not get the ID.3 and its like until much later, but we must prepare ourselves regardless. 

Part of South Africa's largest challenge is not only the electric one from a production perspective, but the logistical challenges too when it comes to the spaces between our urban areas. Bearing in mind that Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth for example is further than Hamburg to London (with not much in between besides Bloem) our electric charging stations will have to be more frequent too.

As part of a new era of electric car that brings electricity 'to the people', much like the Beetle brought mobility 'to the people', electric charging stations will have to spring up every where to accommodate. The base version ID.3 after all, which will sell for R550k, will only boast a 330km driving range, which won't even get you to Bloem if you're heading on down to the coast.

The transition to electricity then will be a longer and tougher one for Mzansi than for Europe. Expectedly so. But, that doesn't mean it doesn't need to happen. In fact, we'll not only need it, we'll want it...

The Beetle didn't need to happen and we loved it. The Golf didn't need to happen and we loved that even more! Be assured then, as Chapter 3 arrives, there is every likelihood that we will love this one the most.

Now, it's all about powering that dream and prepping for its arrival.