New Navara Stealth built for Boets!

Nissan South Africa has got their ish together. They’re building bakkies just for us!

This is the Nissan Navara Stealth, a boet-version of the current Nissan Navara with black-on-orange styling (inside and out) and everything you’ll ever want if you love double cabs and tattoos. Spot on Nissan. Spot on! It was “engineered with the South African customer in mind” and they’ve nailed it. We cannot think of another bakkie we want more right now than this sweet looking Navara, except perhaps for a sweet looking Ranger WildTrak. See what we mean?

Following the success of the ironically city-loving WildTrak and all the legendary things that you can now do to make your bakkie fatter than ever - not least the introduction of the Ranger Raptor - Nissan don’t want to be left behind.

They know full well that most double cab buyers are actually urban bros who love decals and shades, and Nissan has every intention of spoon feeding them like mamas do their chicks. Jip, the only dirt road that this stealth model will ever drive on is Witkoppen and that there is the truth of it. Where the Hilux remains the go-to machine for khaki-bruddas from now until the end of time, the Navara wants a slice of the city pie instead. Hence the Stealth. Hence the decals. Hence the stylish adventure look.

Underneath, it’s all unchanged. It’s still the same ol’ 2.3 turbodiesel pushing some 450Nm of torque, which is fine. Not great. Just fine. 

But, selling for between 580k and 660k, it isn’t bad when you consider all the goodies. Like tech that allows you to see a birdseye view of the bakkie when you’re trying to park it in tight places. Witchcraft indeed... But, with the attractive Isuzu X-Rider cheaper at R450k and 4x4 too - not to mention ‘sexy enough’ for a city, it will leave you a little unsure. And it should.

Still, choose The Stealth you won’t be left disappointed. No lies! Just truth, truth, truth. Now that there is Boet’s honour. Salute!