The McLaren GT – super car for grown ups!

So who spends their money on a GT?

Grown ups, that's who, rich ones who still want fast cars, but ones that don’t break backs. That’s exactly what a GT is bro – essentially a super car with 4 seats, a boot and a softer suspension.


So tell us then: Why is McLaren cheeky enough to build one that doesn’t come with 4 seats at all? In fact, it’s still mid-engine’d this here GT and for the most part looks like every other super McLaren that you’ve ever come to love.

Well, not exactly. For if you look a little harder Simba, this here GT has more boot space than all other GTs in its class and is, if you care to care, bigger, fatter and more subtle than the 720S on which it is based.

It is indeed then - all-together and forever - a new car for super rich grown ups who get a kick from road tripping rather comfortably and rather quickly.

Jip, this car is built for the straights of the Karoo, but take it to the hills above Franschhoek and it will remind you that this here is still a McLaren.

0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds is hardly grown up, is it? 0-200km/h in 9 seconds is definitely for crazy kids and 456kW buried inside 1535kg is downright immature! It’s madness, and proof that you can take the McLaren out of its class, but you can’t (really) take the class out of the McLaren.

Except inside...

Inside, it's very poised and very grown up indeed. Subtle and tasteful, you don’t feel as assaulted as you would in a super car. Nope, this is no Senna and everything inside is exceptionally 'scones and tea'.

In fact, we like it a lot a lot, which can only mean one thing. Are we becoming grown ups?

Naah. We’d take the 720S any day.

Take your boot and shove it up your exhaust pipe!