Chekkie offroad Lambo Huracán !

"It's called the Sterrato and it might very well be the new fastest way to get from plaas to dorp."  

There are few things that we want more than we want free data, and one of those special things is a super car that can go off road. And, although it looks like an April Fool's joke, it isn't.

It is indeed a raised and 'pumping-roids' Lamborghini Huracán Evo that comes with fat tyres and an overwhelming sense of "Jirre, I wish I was a millionaire for one reason and one reason alone - to buy one of these!"

Alas, even if you were you couldn't because this bad boy is only a one-off concept. For now...

It's nothing short of he banna, isn't it? It's sporting the same ol' brillaint 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10 with the same ol' screaming 470kW, which means it might very well be the new fastest way to get from plaas to dorp. Lekker.

Lamborghini says it's the perfect car to bridge the super car world with "challenging" environments, and is their way of answering a question that no one ever had: Can the Huracán go off road? Now though it's an answer that we feel we needed!

It's some 5cm higher than an original Hurucán Evo and its tracks are 3cm wider, front and back. All-in-all then, and when combined with dakker body work and 'flood function' LED bumper lights, it is now 12,969,765 times more interesting to look at than Hlaudi Motsoeneng's hat, which is the finest GT fact that you'll learn today.

But, it's the name of the thing that we love most. Sterrato. It means dirt in English.

Indeed, you've just met the Lamborghini Dirt.

Say it out loud and smile.