M8 for what? AC Schnitzer has other plans!

A tuned M850i with more power than an M8, a couple of fins and a wing that reaches all the way to heaven. Hello the car gods!"

In the same month BMW release the ludicrously fast, ludicrously expensive and ludicrously fat BMW M8, AC Schnitzer tunes 'neva brutha, have this instead': A tuned M850i with more power, a couple of fins and a wing that reaches all the way to heaven.

Hello the car gods!

Yes, as if to annoy the M-division over in Bavaria, AC Schnitzer’s own mad version of the 8-series has just 3kWs more than the M8, which brings it to a healthy 462 – a number that will undoubtedly break a few necks. Standard.

Sure, the M8 will be better in every which way - expectedly so - but hey, you won’t get those cutting fins or that spoiler, or that badass attitude! Nice.

The M8, if you care to know (and of course you do), hits 100km/h in 3.2 seconds, which basically makes it a super car. Unfortunately though, it costs R2.5-million to buy, more or less, which means that you'll need a government tender to purchase.

With this though, you get all that for less, which is good news.

Until you learn this: AC Schnitzer will take this M8 anyway when it arrives and make it even madder than ever, which will make you really annoyed if you've already spent your tender on this one.


These guys hey. Can we ever catch a break?

Wonderful news for us.

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