British tuning house builds fatass Beemer!

"Ladies unite: This is the freshest damn way to customise a 2 series until proven otherwise. What say you?"

The BMW 2-series might be regarded as the "chick" BMW, but it doesn't change this fact: The top of its top, the M2 Competition Pack, is now the leading M-BMW from Planet Earth and has reminded us all of what we lost when we said goodbye to the E46 M3 - the last great Bavarian.

The M2 Competition Pack has absolutely revitalized the spirit of what M-BMWs are meant to be and do and we'd have it over the M4, M5, M6, and M8 any day of a South African week - chick BMW and all bra!

But, what does that have to do with the price of cheese and more specifically this - a tuned BMW 2-series from somewhere in the land of Her Majesty? Well, nothing really, but at least now you know.

You're welcome.

But, it does make you think - a 2-series with fatass tyres and bloated wheel arches looks rather good and if you have one - and don't have the cash for the M2 Competition Pack - perhaps this can inspire you to make something rather brilliant-looking.

Ladies unite: This is now the freshest damn way to customise a 2-series until proven otherwise. What say you?

This specific one, a 240i by Mulgari, is called the ICON03 and has a massively tuned suspension and subtle power upgrades. Nothing has really been explained though so we don't know exactly what that means. Is it just a loud mouth brandy basher or is it actually a proper tar-eating machine?

Well, Mulgari says they've built a car for "purist driving dynamics" to pay “homage to the great Bavarian driving machines, past and present”.

Well, sounds good to us bro. And, if intention is anything to go by, we love it already. Kind of makes us wish that we hadn't painted it with gender-fied brush because now our inner chick is dying for one.

We want it now!