Drooling! A Porsche 356 restomod to die for

"If James Dean had a sleeve and a nose ring, this is what he'd drive."

We're challenging you right here, right now. Build something cooler than this and we'll bow to you until the end of days. Sure, it might take some doing and years of sweat and tears, but think of it this way: When you're finished you'll have GT MAG by the balls and the coolest damn car on Planet Earth. Facts.

For indeed brother - if it's cooler than this, there ain't nothing we'll want more. Are we right? You know it brother.

So, what's your competition then exactly? It's called the 356 RSR by Emory Motorsports, which is exactly what James Dean would drive if he had a sleeve and a nose ring. And a love for basement rap! Jirre: The iconic 356 looks even better like this (dare we say it) and we're drooling like dogs at a sausage party.

But, how's this to really rub chocolate into the gums - the thing pushes some 300kW in a car that weighs just 900kg. Yes, deadly, all stemming from a 2.4-litre twin turbo boxer motor that probably sounds like an illegal East Rand drag - without the fists. What more do you want?

Then, there's that filthy-fun interior, wooden gear knob included, and the overwhelming sense of 'Bro, you're in the perfect driving machine so take out your damn ear phones out and show so some respect."

Respect, respect, respect.