Pasop! This Peugeot bites

And cars that bite are cars we want! 

Adam. That was his name. Adam. He was Welsh and he was chubby, and he was the only human being who I knew who drove a Peugeot. The year was 2008, the city - Johannesburg - and he owned the 206 GTi, a light blue one if I remember correctly that popped when he put-foot between Witkoppen lights. Lekker.

Ah Adam - are you still alive brother? And if you are, howzit - what's crack-a-lackin son?

Anyway, enough about Adam and his 206 GTi and more about this: The 208 GT-Line and the first Peugeot I've driven since the last one. That one, if you recall, was rather chubby too (just like Adam), but boasted an outrageous sense of sophistication and a generous sprinkling of privilege. 

It's called the 3008 and we liked it a lot. Check it out.