Pasop! This Peugeot bites

And cars that bite are cars we want! 

Adam. That was his name. Adam. He was Welsh and he was chubby, and he was the only human being who I knew who drove a Peugeot. The year was 2008, the city - Johannesburg - and he owned the 206 GTi, a light blue one if I remember correctly that popped when he put-foot between Witkoppen lights. Lekker.

Ah Adam - are you still alive brother? And if you are, howzit - what's crack-a-lackin son?

Anyway, enough about Adam and his 206 GTi and more about this: The 208 GT-Line and the first Peugeot I've driven since the last one. That one, if you recall, was rather chubby too (just like Adam), but boasted an outrageous sense of sophistication and a generous sprinkling of privilege. 

It's called the 3008 and we liked it a lot. Check it out.

Unlike that one however, this one is more our style - small and obnoxious - and one of the most enjoyable boy racers we've smacked around a piece of tar since the Fiesta ST - one of the greatest of the great when it comes to having fun in 4-wheeled machines.

Very much like the ST, this Peugeot's first, second and third gear are best enjoyed with a flat right foot, which is the only way to drive this machine if you have a soul. Because, that's exactly what this one has - a rumbling one at that with possibly the best sounding little motor in its little iddly-biddly class.

For how's this: It's a 1200-turbo that sounds like, like - ah yes - like Adam's did those years ago and proof that there is some life in Peugeot yet, despite the 508 released recently, which we confidently described as "as ugly as a door mat."

But, what better way than a boy racer to rejuvenate our Peugeot spirits? For 270k you don't only get a superbly punchy and pretty little thing with a red-stitched handbrake straight outta of Fast and Furious, but you also get slice of nostalgia:

Memories of boy racers now gone, vanished into the upper tiers of the unaffordable. The 208 GT-Line however, fights against all of that. It fights against the dying of the light! It proves that, for numbers still relatively payable, you can be a boy racer too and that there is all we've ever wanted.

Perfect, we say. Quite perfect indeed.

The new 208 is on its way by the way so watch this space. It looks pretty spectacular and we're excited. You should be too!