This is a bonkers supercar!

June 14, 2019

"Manual in a super car is super retro and the coolest way to die if you're looking to pass on a little early."


Britain is a strange place if you grew up on the tip of Africa. They care about odd things. Like the Queen. And crumpets. And obeying rules. And, while we love the British - most of the time - we cannot help but wonder if they're a little mad (while motoringly brilliant).


For how's this - Ultima, a supercar brand you've never heard of, has just released the Ultima RS, which pushes as many kWs as your GTI times a million, in a car that weighs a little more than your cell phone. Yes, 900kWs in 930kg means that it hits 100km/h in an other-worldly amount of time - 2 seconds or so - which is wonderfully brilliant if you're a little mad. 


Which the British seem to be because, hear this - it's manual!



While the rest of Europe, Japan and America are also producing supercars as fast as a minister's exit, none are making theirs with manual gearboxes. Manual in a super car, after all, is super retro and the coolest way to die if you're looking to pass on a little early. Ah yes. there it is. 


This backyard jobbie sommer goois a bordering-on-impossible amount of kWs through the very same type of gearbox that your cuzzie shifts on Friday night when he's looking to pick up chicks between city lights




A hypercar with a manual gearbox?


No doubt, it sounds outrageously fun. But, mad we tell you. Mad like them British!












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