Hair dressers behold: A fast MX-5 for you!

"Chana, you gotta risk it for the biscuit and 30 more kWs underneath the bonnet sounds just perfect to us."

The darling of the motoring world is the Mazda MX-5. Everyone loves it, from Jeremy Clarkson to your local hairdresser and for good reason. It's a natutally aspirated, 2-seater convertible sports car that's a very good drive, is very nice to look at and, for reasons Japanese, unbelievably reliable.

So, what were British tuning house, BBR, thinking when they took the world's golden child and made it more powerful? Powerful isn't always better after all (or so they say) so was there any point to it?

Well, here's what we say at GT MAG. Don't talk kuk! Chana, you gotta risk it for the biscuit and 30 more kWs underneath the bonnet sounds just perfect to us. Perfect indeed. Because, hear this, more power is always more good and that there is the GT truth of it. Write that down.

Hairdressers behold then: The reason you wake up in the morning. The Mazda MX-5, but now more powerful than that, with some 164kW and a golden stripe down it's face. Nxa bra.

Sure, this isn't for everyone. The MX-5 after all, despite being globally famous, isn't very popular in South Africa and there is reason for that. South Africans are beautifully shallow when it comes to motoring and those seen in a MX-5 are "too poor" for a Z4 or Boxster and it's hard to escape that sort of rep.

Despite how brilliant it is then, the MX-5 is fringe to South African society, so BBR then are onto something. What better way to lure in buyers then by offering a great car that goes faster than others think? Indeed, a more powerful MX-5 is surely a more attractive MX-5 no matter how you look at it.

So thanks BBR. Thanks for that, and remember to demand your complementary head massage the next time you're at the hairdresser. You've just struck gold.

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