Creepy! Scary 308 the stuff of magic

"It's witchcraft we tell you - plain ol' black magic from the dungeons of some crazy French nightmare!  It's why we dig it."

Fact check: The Peugeot 308 is a nice, reasonable car and you won't care a thing about it unless you're a nice, reasonable person. Yes, it's a spacious alternative to a small SUV and if you like cars that 'drive good and feel safe' you'll be more than satisfied if you give it a go. So go on, do it!

Indeed, it does drive rather nicely and is rather safe, so what the heck is it doing in GT MAG - the sickest damn car magazine in the world that doesn't give two hoots about things like that or two effs about cars like this?

Well, here's why. It's witchcraft we tell you - plain ol' black magic from the dungeons of some crazy French nightmare! This car is as creepy as a night out in Benoni and there ain't no two ways about it.

Let us explain:

The Nissan 1400 is a bakkie you know all too well and my Oupa was a man you didn't know at all. Indeed, in the spirit of creepy then, we'll share this about the man and his bakkie, which should get you thinking: 

Once, driving his beloved Nissan 1400, he got from the Southern Cape to Joburg in just nine hours, and then died two days later. The creepy thing is that he couldn't even remember driving it at all...

Creepy indeed.

For his sickness, most proudly, and as devastating as it was, could not destroy his instinct for the road trip and his love for his bakkie. Nope, that final road trip was the culmination of it all - of a lifetime of road trips and cars, and a love for all these machines that inspire us all, and indeed, this very magazine.

Dankie ou bok. 

So, it energizes me then to share this with him wherever he may be, for these are words that he will appreciate most profoundly. Ou bok, luister: The Peugeot 308 has a smaller motor than your Nissan 1400 and the damn thing goes like a bat out of hell! Are you joking Peugoet? What in Napoleon's name is under the bonnet? A 1200 turbo? What dark art is this?

If only Oupa could feel this, I wondered. If only he could see how far we've come. This here is some stunning magic I tell you. Peugeot has made a deal with the devil because how can such a small engine be this powerful?

Madness, I tell you. Madness! And creepy as heck too. It's the most stand out feature of the 308 and if that's not worth writing about, what is?