New Opel Corsa looking frrresh!

June 27, 2019

"Prepare your 17s and get that sub out the garage! The new Opel Corsa has been unveiled and bro, it looks rather good. Wouldn't you say?"


Everybody knows somebody who owned the original Opel Corsa, which, when it arrived, was a revelation. But, perhaps more importantly (in those years that followed its unveiling), everyone came to know somebody who took their Opel Corsa and gooi'd on a pair of 17s and threw a sub into the boot. 


Guilty as charged...



Indeed, there is no doubt about it: The original bubble-shaped Corsa is a a true motoring icon and has to be up there with the best of them when it comes to small, reliable and funky cars. It was nothing short of awesome when it arrived - especially in yellow - and any shape that was ordered to follow it was going to have a lot to live up to.


It was good news then that the shapes that followed were pretty awesome too (for the most part), but when the Corsa OPC eventually came along it seemed that Opel had found the promised land.


The OPC was the insane alternative to the Polo GTI and, for reasons never-to-be--fully-understood but only felt, was cooler in every-which way. It was an in-your-face boy racer with as much face-twisting torque steer as character! It was sick.



Fast forward a couple of years and the Corsa has taken a bit of a cultural dip, and has somewhat faded from the young South African psyche. With the Polo Vivo, Polo, Fiesta and even the Clio now more recognizable than a new Corsa, we're a little a sad with what Opel has become: A little boring. 


Well, not so much anymore because my gents, prepare your 17s and get that sub out the garage! The new Opel Corsa has been unveiled and bro, it looks rather good. Wouldn't you say?


Sure, it's more grown up than ever, looking more like a Peugeot than ever before, but it's got that "thing" going for it again. You can just smell it! It's squared out this thing is, and - much like its rather familiar brother, the Peugeot 208 - has got us nodding our heads in approval. Well played boys. Well played.


Now, come on Opel, be a bunch of good okes and bring out a hot version! If you don't, well, what's the point? 






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