Retro resurrection! The De Tomaso P72

It's something that the 70s would love to have back, but they ain’t getting it. It's ours!

In a time when as many super cars are unveiled as new smart phones, it takes a lot to turn heads. Indeed, it takes a lot to turn our heads at least because we’re GT MAG and we decide what’s neck-turn worthy - for the most part that is.

Remember though, we think everything with a spoiler is cool and everything that goes fast is worth dreaming about so don't take us too seriously because we're still little boys.

Almost always though, Hong Kong billionaire Norman Choi never disappoints and helps us remember why we love cars in the first place, like when we did when we were actually little boys: His taste is quite impeccable and here’s another reason why he is considered the philosopher of the motoring world.

Meet the P72, De Tomaso’s new retro resurrection and something that the 70s would love to have back, but they ain’t getting it. No, bro – this is ours! Welcome to the 21st century De Tomaso and thanks for this. You’re rather kind and we love you a lot.

This is old school and not only in terms of the look – expect a manual gearbox and not a single touch screen, which is as wonderful to hear as this: A FIA LMP motorsport-rated carbon fibre chassis, which apparently will make it rather good.

But, have a look inside because once you see it, you'll never want to see anything else again: Truthfully, words don’t give it the justice it deserves so, if you have eyes, take a peep, but if you don't know this.

When druglords make it big they buy a Colombian mansion. But, none of those are as luxurious as this chocolate-laden masterpiece and that there is the GT truth of it, all mansions considered. The pretty inner-workings of that gear knob is downright impeccable and the coolest thing we've seen on a car since Koenigsegg gave us a G-Force-o-meter.