A fatter than usual Q8!

Lumma Design has made this out of a car we usually wouldn't buy. Now though, we're considering it.

Audi are known for many things and many of those things are not very interesting. Like reliability. And great build quality. And an all-round sturdiness that keeps South Africans coming back time after time. But, of the many things Audi are known for, their RS cars are the most famous and the most famous of those was the RS4 of the noughties, which, if you remember, was M3’s biggest nightmare when it was unveiled much to SA’s delight those many boet-years ago. It was sick. No doubt then, and most certainly, the Q8 is nothing like that and we’d rather sew our toes together than own one because, well, we’re South African and would way rather own a double cab. But, might we reconsider with this - Lumma Design’s take on the Audi Q8 that comes with a whole bunch of carbon fibre by the looks of it, side skirts and an outrageous scoop on the bonnet that will make you smirk. So go on, smirk. It’s called the CLR 8S and also includes beefed-out wheel arches, massive 24s if you want them and a whole lot more power if you’re so inclined. How much, they don’t say, but yes, we’re definitely so inclined... Lumma Design are German after all and who are we to question zem? We’ve never done so before and we're not about to start.