Boom! BMW have a bakkie

Well, not yet, but one could be coming.

South Africa behold: BMW's take on a luxurious double cab and you're not sure how to react. Don't worry, neither are we!

In some ways, we're like, jirre, it's about damn time, but in other ways we're like, 'Please Elon, take us to Mars.'

One thing's for certain though - as a bakkie-loving nation more likely to buy this than most other nations, our opinion matters most and here it is: Build the damn thing! It's a bakkie ma'chana and you just can't have enough bakkies to choose from. Are we right? You know it.

But, our love affair with bakkies aside for minute - and reason momentarily restored - this just doesnt look right. Mercedes as least have that luxuriously-rough vibe going for it - thanks to the G-Class, which opened the door for the X-Class - but BMW just doesn't suit a load bin. It just doesn't.

Well, luckily for us, it's not something that we have to worry too much about because it's just a concept and is unlikely to be considered like for real for real. But here's the truth if you want to hear it: Be assured, BMW is monitoring the world's reaction to this concept. Yes, our reaction counts and what we say on platforms like this could sway the powers that be.

Well, whatever they decide, let's tune those who put the effort in: It's an X7 underneath, with a new teakwood load bin that looks rather twatty, and is some 200kg lighter than the car on which it is based, which means it won't be as comfortable to drive.

Then, for reasons we don't quite understand, they've photographed it with a BMW F 850 GS motorbike on the back of it, custom stand included, which is just all wrong bro. It's all wrong! Only a country that knows nothing about bakkies would think that an adventure bike belongs on the back of a luxury bakkie and not on the dirt road beneath it.

Nope. Two khaki-dressed chomas belong back there and a kudu being prepped for biltong.

Yuslaaikit. Now we talking.