Happy 100th Birthday Bentley!

And thanks for the gift: The EXP 100 GT! Mighty fine, ne?

It's not every year that one of the most iconic car brands in the world celebrates its 100th birthday and it's almost never that they release something as brilliant as this when they do - a gift to the car-loving world, the EXP 100 GT...

On behalf of us all then Bentley: Happy Birthday you buggers and thanks for spoiling us!

Holy bananas. Ma'gents, you better start saving if you want one of these when it officially hits shelves sometime in the decades beyond, because this thing is coming in hot! Well, at least a version of it we imagine because why go to all that effort creating something so spectacular to just let it all be forgotten?

And when we say spectacular - we mean it. Yoh, yoh, yoh.

How's this: The leather is made from the leftover grape pulp used in wine-making. The wood is some 5000 years old, drawn from fallen trees of an age long gone. Biometric glass all about you boosts your mental and physical well-being, drawing the best lighting and climate for any occasion, controlled by AI, which, in turn, is controlled by your waving hands as they make their way over crystal ornaments.

Read that again. Yes. WTF.

Now this: It's all-electric of course, with 0-100km/h time of 2.5 seconds, which you can go about achieving all on your own if you're up for the drive, or you can just let your Bentley do it. Choose the latter and you can catch a dos or watch a movie - transparent screens (you know, that Black Mirror ish), will keep you entertained.

Or, just annoy Dad and continuously bring stuff from the boot via a revolutionary new cartridge system that seems so stupid-cool that it's frightening: Pop-up padkos in other words at the wave of a hand.

Yes. Yes indeed. This is what 100 years of development gets you and Bentley says it's all in the pipeline.

Rolls-Royce just kak'd.