This bakkie hits 100km/h in 3.9 seconds!

And you can buy it! If you're American.

Available at selected Ford dealers across the States, this Roush-tuned Ford F-150 is officially the latest outrageous bakkie from the Americans that we want more than we want Donald Trump to slip and fall.

Juslaaikit! Talk about a way to break a hip. And not the fall - the bakkie! Yes, 3.9 seconds is propa-fast for a bakkie this size, which means that there probably isn't an Afrikan out there reading this right now who doesn't want it. If there is, well, what's wrong with you bro?

It boasts a 5-litre V8 that pushes some 484kW and 881Nm of torque, which, we think, is more than enough to get you to the moon and back.

Aaah yes. Merica! Merica at its best.