Smaller WildTrak - bigger klap!

An engine meant for a hatchback is just perfect in a double cab. Who'd thought? Not us.

Isn't it just the funniest thing: Just when you're all set for the rawl and ready to fight, you get bowled over by the facts. 

For yes, yes indeed, a double cab can actually be a 2-litre and that 2-litre can actually be very, very impressive. For, if you've driven it, you'll know: The Ranger WildTrak 2-litre biturbo by Ford is now officially all you'll need if you're a boych in need of a very quick and very cool bakkie and that there is the truth of it. That includes you, your opinion and everything you thought you lost when you lost a litre and a bit, and a single little cylinder.

But, let's just take a step back for a second and meet Mr Hypocrisy himself, me, The Jabulani Man - the man with the biggest mouth! Some time ago I called the Ford Ranger Raptor a tragedy. Indeed, I thought it damn well pathetic because who did they think they were, dem Americans, bringing us half a toy. We wanted all of it, big power included! We wanted the Raptor in V8 guise and anything else could sommer go kak. But now, after driving the WildTrak with the very same engine that I tuned to no end, I'm like yes, yes I get it. I get it very much! For what's the point of anything larger if I can get klapped in this and still smile about the fuel consumption? Indeed. The WildTrak is rather great and it would be money well spent if you were prepared to spend it. Except that it isn't...

Because tell us: Why own a Wiltrak then when you can own a Raptor? Because it's cheaper bro, you'll tell us. Okay, sure, but then why own a WildTrak when you can have an Isuzu X-rider 4X4, which is some R200k cheaper (at R460k), and the best double cab for value out there at the moment, with arguably the best looking face. Yes, it is very hard to see why you would buy this, I'll admit. But, if you did you'd be more than excited. The WildTrak is still some machine and if you have your heart set on it, you'd be more than happy. Very in fact. It's a damn fine machine from the cockpit and you feel bigger than the world when you step inside. So just ignore me then! Haters are always gonna hate. But you, you do you. The WildTrak 2.0 biturbo is certainly something to smile about so go on, have a smirk.

We get it.