The New Corvette! As cheap as chips

Looks it too...

Oh yes. A new American muscle car is always something to shout about until you realise that it isn’t. For what will you be shouting about exactly if there isn’t a fat V8 under a bonnet - or worse, no bonnet at all? Is this really American and where are all those things that we love most about them?

Gone for the most part, in this - the new Corvette Stingray, which comes with the engine in the middle, which is, to put it lightly, ridiculous. Jip, it’s the first attempt at a mid-engined super car from a brand meant to build muscle cars and it doesn't look very good.

It’s as in your face as Trump’s Twitter account and as vulgar as his pointless mutterings.

Care to look thrice and things looks a little cheap. Sure, it will turn heads, no doubt, but put it this way - it won’t be loved 50 years from now as the Corvette of 50 years ago is so loved today. It’s not quite a pure super car either – it’s super-ish at most and is horribly over-designed.

But, what’s in it from a performance perspective? Well, a small block V8 pushes 369kW and 100km/h will come in around three seconds. So, it’s not Ferrari or McLaren fast either and worse, not even built to the same standards. Its core is not carbon fibre like the best of them, so it will likely feel a little outdated too.

So, what the heck were Chevy thinking? It’s madness.

But, at least it won’t cost the same as the European giants, which is refreshing. In America it starts at around R800k, which is a bargain for what you’ll get: A super-ish-car, a very fast pull-off, and that overwhelming sense that you're driving a poor man's Ferrari.

It's not a good look. Not at all.