This bakkie is owned by Bob!

And you can have it too.

If you told us that this American monster - the brilliantly named Goliath 6X6 by Hennessey - was owned by any one else but a man called Bob, we'd say you were lying. Of course Bob owns this. Of course he does!

Yes, that very same Bob who owns the largest potato farm in Wisconsin USA, which makes a whole lot of sense. Imagine the size of the man. The weight! The stature...

I mean, he literally has the most important job in Amercia. The guy grows french fries, which, as we all know, is America's favourite food. Now that there is even more important than the presidency, we'd think, so sorry for you Uncle Don.

But now, what if we told you that you can own one too? Yes, yes indeed - 24 of these will be built by Hennessey, Bob's included, and will sell for R5.1-million, which is the best news that Kobus van der Plaas has heard all week.

He and Bob are long lost cousins after all.

And, what a bargain it is - the Chevy Silverado upon which it is based comes included, and so does the extra axle, extra 8 inches of height and that rather modest (considering that this Hennessey's work after all) power upgrade.

Jip, this only pushes 336kW surprisngly, which is not a lot for an Eskom-coal carrier.

But my oh my is it cool. Holy smokes! Bob's a lucky man.