Jannarelly! Yummy, yummy

Finally, it's coming.

Jannarelly. It's the ridiculous name of the brilliant designer who made this: The Design-1, which looks absolutely fantastic. What say you? Fantastic indeed.

More fantastic then is that it's actually coming to Planet Earth later this year after being in limbo for three years. Yes, in 2016, Jannarelly came and went like a finance minister, promising much, but delivering little. 

Now though, a star is officially born. A 3.5-litre straight-six out of a Nissan will push 242kW, which will officially make tongues wag at its Salon Privé debut in September. Lucky us! It will likely sound pretty vicious too, we're sure, if the performance is anything to go by: 

0-100km/h will come in 3.9 seconds through a manual box, in a car lighter than your underpants.

Jirre. Talk about skid marks.