You can own this very old, but very new race car!

And drive it on the streets.

25 of these spectacular-looking LM69s will be built, which, if you know anything about motorsport, which we don’t, is modeled after the Jaguar XJ13, which was once built to race in Le Mans back in the 60s, but never did.

Jirre! What a mouthful. And what a great looking machine it is...

Long story short, it has been resurrected by Ecurie Ecosse – a Scottish racing team that, believe it or not, is Scottish. And mad. Because, this ain’t no retro resurrection with the best tech underneath. Nope, this thing has been built brand new to 60s racing-rules spec, which means that things like brakes and suspension don’t really work.

Instead, what you’ll get is this if you ask for the big one: A 5.3-litre quad V12 straight out of Oupa’s garage and that exciting feeling of death at every corner.

Looks great though doesn’t it? And it will look even better when seen at your local Pick n' Pay parking lot. It will be street legal after all, which is surely the most illegal thing we’ve heard all week.

And we live in South Africa...