McLaren hits a six! And out...


Ah, MSO. McLaren's not-so-Special Operations that does its best at finding new ways to annoy us. Like this. By building so-called six special edition McLarens that aren't very special at all except for those "special" colours. 

Indeed, McLaren is the only car manufacturer in the world that produces the same car in a new colour and then gets a kick out of calling it special and charging you more.

How much more this time, we're not even sure but heck, how much more are you prepared to pay for Black Gold, White Gold, Nerello Red, Volcano Red, Aurora Blue and Midas Grey when painted to the already sensational and quite special McLaren 600LT?

It's called the Pikes Peak Collection and each also comes with gold wheels, some carbon bits and, hear this, titanium wheel nuts. Jirre. Ouens are really pushing it now.

Not to worry though because they're worried for you. Indeed, just in case they thought you'd think they were a little ridiculous (which they are), they were kind enough to also throw in light weight Senna seats just to remind you that you couldn't afford the best McLaren there is.

Thanks McLaren. Thanks a lot.