Is the Golf GTI as annoying as Cassper Nyovest?

Hear us out.

It's hard to think of a car that Mzansi would want more than a more powerful Golf GTi. Can you? Perhaps a khaki-er Land Cruiser? Or a lower Cressida? Or, our most favourite of all - a dropped gusheshe with a pair of Eagle 17s.

Ah. Gotta love it.

But as sick cars go in Mzansi, the GTi is embedded into our soul as much as any other, and we love it more than Cassper Nyovest loves Nigeria. It's our favie and that there is the truth of it.

Naturally then, we want this: The ABT-tuned Golf 7 GTI TCR, which comes with 250kW and a suspension to match. Isn't that kind? Sure is.

But, it's got us thinking? If it's so damn easy to tune a GTI, why isn't VW themselves making it more powerful in the first place? Indeed, ABT has merely given this ECU a little love, which means that the GTI you're in right now is not as fast as it could be, which is annoying.

Jip, this one hits 100km/h in 5.4 seconds - faster than yours- which as irritating as having a million and one fans loving you, and then just slapping them in the face.

Isn't that right Cassper? Sure is.