Spiritual Pagani unveil Huayra Roadster BC

And humans all over the world are dreaming.

What's not to love about Pagani? They're fabulous. Absolutely fabulous for so many reasons it's frightening. Here's one: Their new Huayra Roadster BC comes with a new type of specially manufactured carbon fibre that boasts 20 % more "flexional rigidity".

God knows what that even means and who cares? The brand is so advanced that Airbus uses its materials to build better aeroplanes and if that's not a car you want to own then what sort of human being are you? One not from Planet Earth that's for sure.

Then, this: An interior so majestic it would stand the test of time in Cape Town's Zeitz MOCAA. After all, Horacio Pagani, the Messi of the motoring world, has always believed that “art and science should be together, hand in hand” and we have always believed him.

The Huayra Roadster BC is sensational to look at from every angle even though it looks very much like the old Huarya, which it isn't. It's all new brother and is sporting the last of the last great AMG V12s.

Imagine the sound. 590kW and 1049Nm through the back wheels. It's like Horacio doesn't care about anything else that the car world is doing and it makes Pagani better for it. He's like Elvis Presley. Elvis didn't listen to other music except his own because, well, he was listening to the best of his time.

Now, make no mistake about it. The Tesla Roadster's numbers will be better than this thing in almost every way and if you were choosing on paper, the choice would be easy. Easy-peezy. Heck, we also love electricity and all them coming electric monsters - but this ain't paper son!

Nope, this is the real world. And here, in the real world, where people have feelings. Where humans sculpted the statue of David. Fought for freedom. Trained for gold. Here is where the Pagani lives. In the depths of our soul.

And, for R68-milllion a piece, you won't even have to worry about the price tag.

All 40 to be built have been sold anyway.