The Micra can-can!

Despite the oddest failure, the new Nissan Micra matches the best of them.

In Mzansi, there are three truths that currently define our lives. Data is too damn expensive, Busisiwe Mkhwebane is not very good at what she does and, when it comes to small, reliable and affordable cars, the VW Polo is our staple.

But, not only is it the most popular, it’s also the best and comes with everything you ever wanted in a small car, including that warm and cuddly feeling that you’re about to get hijacked.

Indeed, it is no joking matter and a truth we know all too well: Insurance is higher on a Polo than most other things combined, which has us thinking.

What else can we get instead that’s as good?

So, let’s speak about Japan. Pink trees and outrageous custom cars; surprisingly good rugby and an unbelievable network of high speed trains. It’s the Japan we love – the home to our most favourite of Fast and Furious machines, O’Connor’s orange Supra and, of course, the Nissan GTR -  the very machine we respect and love above all else - the monster! 

Indeed, it doesn’t take much convincing then to tell you that anything related to it is probably very good and now we know that for a fact - because we drove one.

Introducing the new Nissan Micra, which isn’t dinky anymore. Nope, it’s lost that bubble-shaped face and is now is a genuine contender in the segment that should have a Polo a little sweaty. In fact, we liked it rather a lot - turbo lag and all - because somewhere deep inside it we found the distant rumble of its biggest brother, albeit rooted in a 900cc turbo, which was frankly brilliant.

But, that stuff doesn’t really matter in this segment – does it? Practicality, build quality, space and that feeling of value. That's what matters. In that respect then, the Micra has it all and, in terms of the look, it’s backside is rather sumptuous. We tapped that bro.

But now, this: A very annoying little mishap. The lights are not very good. Say what?

Indeed. In the age of LEDs, we struggled to see at night, which is something we never expected to write about this side of the millennium. It’s quite strange to be honest, which was frustrating. Because we like the new Nissan Micra very much and we suspect that you will too.

So go on, take a squeeze son! Just remember to keep the brights on...