Who the heck are Puritalia?

They're the makers of this: The crazy-pretty Berlinetta! 

Yoh. Take a look gents: A super hybrid from a country that builds as many super cars as we produce rugby locks. Jip, it's in the name. Puritalia!  

Now, meet their Berlinetta, which is a very pretty thing you've never heard of before, but, by the looks of it, they've certainly heard of Alfa Romeo. And the Mercedes SLS AMG...

It's the newest Italian on the block and the only thing wrong with it is that it's not red. Well, at least this one isn't because this one is Grey. How's that for a fact?

Now, the facts that matter. A front-mounted V8 works with electric motors in some fancy sort of way that, all together, cough out 720kW and 1247Nm of torque. Juicy.

Only 150 will be built though, which is standard these days for cars we can't afford anyway, but it sure as hell is nice to dream.

So go on. Dream in Italian this evening and take a drive in this.