End of the world? There's a Rezvani for that

They're back gents. And they're crazier than ever!

Boom! The end of the world is here, which means one of two things. Hlaudi Mostoeneng is president or Kim-Jong Un has just blown up the planet.

Sure, either is as terrifying, but you don't have to worry, do you? Well, not if you own a Rezvani Tank at least because if you do you're bullet-proof, EMP-protected and electrified! Literally, touch it's body and it will electrocute you.

He banna! That's cooler than Ramaphosa with a flat cap and that there is your daily truth. Eat it up.

Now, this - EMP protection. What the EFF is that? Well, when an electro-magnetic pulse from a nuclear bomb wipes out all electronics, you'll be protected. How? Well, if you know let us know because we don't. Jip (and most unfortunately), hashtagging from a Rezvani Tank will be quite possible while the rest of the world burns and isn't that nice to know? #ApocalypseMustFall

For your sake we hope the world does burn. Because, if you bought the Rezvani Tank X, which pushes 746kW through a monstrous V8, you'll be poor AF! But, with no more banks to hound you, you won't have to pay off that R5.4-million debt.

Great news! Great, great, great.