A new Hot Honda is coming!

It's called the Acura Type S concept and it's rather flashy. 

A Honda saloon. That sounds as boring as a day in a Scandinavian parliament, but this time it isn't. Nope, what if we told you that Honda - no strangers to very fast cars - is building an M3(ish) competitor because, well, they can.

It's called the Acura Type S and the first thing you'll notice is that there isn't a Honda in the name. Ignore that - it's a Honda alright, but in America, they call it Acura because it's a little fancy. Kind of like Infinity to Nissan if you get our gist. Whatever they call it though, it's rather nice to look at and we want it a lot.

Expect a V6 with considerably more than 200kW, but all of that is still up in the air. Rumours suggest it could even arrive with a manual gearbox, which is great news if you like Fast and Furious gear change sequences, but unlikely because this is destined for the USA only.

Yes, pull your tongue in son. This is ain't coming anywhere near Africa anytime soon, which is rather disappointing.

Still, it's doesn't hurt to look.