What's in a Ford? A Figo...

A poem for a rhythmic little car.

For a million years Ford has been building cars and for a million years we've bought them. And, while our modern favourites remain those untouchables, the Mustang and the Raptor, it's the littlest of Figos that remains it's most important, for it's the littlest of Figos that most of us can afford to buy and the essence of what Ford is at its barest. Indeed, anything can look sexy with a V8, but not everything can look sexy without any clothes. Essentially, the Figo is the most naked of all Fords and how good it is says so much about how much Ford is willing to give us if we're not spending the big bucks. Jip, a car brand is only as strong as its weakest member and the Figo is Fords. So what's in a Figo then and is it any good?


An ode to Figo

If you're looking to buy in an economy shy, If your head is smarter than your heart inside - It's a Ford you'll want, a Figo you'll like, A convenient thing, a spacious tyke. It's a 1.5, reasonably-sized, Fuel economy, rather wise -

It ain't the prettiest, but you'll hardly care, It'll hold its value, worth its share.

From 187, it's smartly priced,

A used ST for the same damn price? No! You're smarter than us, that's why you won't, Get the Figo brand new and break it won't. We liked this car, we wouldn't lie, But who buy cars like this, seriously, why? You're smarter than us, that's the reason - You probably wear jerseys in the winter season. So that's what it is, that's why it works, It's for people who like reliability when getting to work. It's nice, its clever and it's rather good - Throw on some 17s and cruise the hood!

Don't listen to us, our minds should be mended,

The Figo will give you the freedom that Henry intended.

Thanks Henry.

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