Yoh! One-off Lambo art car is nxa!

You know all about the BMW art car. But Lambo? Now that's juicy, Skyler.

Skyler Grey! He sounds like a dirty porn star, but apparently he isn't. He is one of thirty of the most influential artists under 30 according to Forbes, which is really good news for him and bad news for you.

Yes, this mofo is just 19 years old and redefining art around the world and you? Well, you're just you.

Ag shem...

Now, some salt for your wounds: Lamborghini sommer tuned him to have an artistic go at this: A V12, 544kW Lamborghini Aventador, which is already rather nice to look at. Now though, it's amazing! Spectacular actually - quite freaking spectacular!

Damn you Skyler Grey. We hope you break a leg.