New Audi RS6 will break your face

0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds. That ought to get you some friends!

Ah, the station wagon, a type of car that South Africa likes as much as it likes Australia. Not very much that is, and reasonably so: Australians are useless. Sorry, we mean station wagons. Station wagons are useless!

Aussie jokes aside, station wagons really are useless in Africa because why own one when you can own a really fast 4X4 and still go off road? Then, there's the safety aspect. SUVs feel safer and drive bigger and that means a lot to us. So yes, there's good reason why the SUV killed off the station wagon star in Africa and we're happy that it did. They're yuk. 

Now, this: A station wagon worth nodding about. It's a boat of a thing - unmistakably an Audi (because Audi hasn't changed its look in 300 000 years) - and comes with a monstrous set of arms and fat-ass motor. It's the RS6 gents and, despite being a station wagon, is pretty damn vicious. 

We like it. 

It pushes a number just shy of 400kW and we're happy that it does. The kids in the back seat will need a bit of flavour in life because they're the sad children of parents who bought an Audi station wagon, which means they probably don't have many friends. 

Jokes! Not in this. The RS6 is all about the friends and if you don't have any it will probably find you some and beat them up. Look at those arches brother - it will break your face. From R1.7 million it will break your wallet too, but hey, who's counting?

Dad is. He's obviously an accountant because he owns a station wagon.