Jirre - this Lamboghini Miura is godly!

It's a one-off with majestic touches.

The Lamborghini Miura is a special car. So special in fact that you wouldn't find one that costs less than ten houses and that's the truth of these exclusive Italian collectibles. Then, there's this: The Jota-inspired 'Millechiodi', which is the collectible among collectibles - the Messi to your Bendtner, the Rolex to your Casio, the Mandela to your Malema! The creamiest of all the crops.

Take it all in ma'gents. This Lamborghini is nothing short of perfect.

But, where did it all begin? Back then of course, in 1971, when Walter Ronchi, a very rich man, specially ordered its build following the tragic accident of the legendary one-off Miura Jota. It was based on a normal P400 S, but was modified by reworking the exhaust, the body structure and of course that most lovely of V12s.

Millions of hours of work later and millions of bucks spent, what was born was this green god - a one-off more beautiful than any Miura the world over, with the coolest nickname in the world - the 'Millechiodi', which means '1000 nails' in Italiano. Its name is dedicated to the riveted SVJs of yesteryear and the death of that famous Jota in '71.

But, that's not what you see here exactly. After changing hands many times, it was eventually redone in 2015 to bring it back to that perfect original spec, with a few more touches here and there for added flavour. Even bigger pistons and valves now means that it's got it all - technically, aesthetically and downright exclusively.

Jirre. It's truly majestic. Truly. A true son of the motoring gods and a dream beyond dreams.

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