Damn! This orange Rolls fux...

Of course it does! It owns by Fux himself.

You know already that the Rolls-Royce SUV is a dilution of the Rolls brand and is pretty much useless. Of course, we're from Africa though where fancy SUVs are annoying and khaki ones are better, so what do we know?

Enough, we assure you - Sandton is in Africa too after all and there the Cullinan will look the part. But, not even there will an orange Cullinan be accepted by society because that there is the truth of it.

Now, a truth that matters: That's exactly why we love this orange Cullinan and why we want one! Pity that it's a one off and a colour you can't even in order. That's because it's owned by a man with more money than Atul Gupta, who literally has rights to the colour. Fux orange is what it's called, which should, if you're immature like us, make you smile.

His name is Michael Fux, which is a wonderful name if you pronounce it correctly, and this here orange Cullinan is his twelfth bespoke Rolls-Royce, and one of 150 other awesome cars that he already owns.

Hectic. Michael Fux. That's for sure.