This is the Drako GTE! Take a bow

Introducing another electric super car from Silicon Valley. This one looks like a Supra on roids!

Imagine the feeling when V8s became a thing and the world was at our feet. Our grandfathers must have loved it - it was the golden age of motoring when big engines did big things and were cheap as hell to run.

Then, there was the innocence of environmental destruction - a time when we weren't consumed by the guilt of our fume-drenched actions and we were free to destroy without knowing.

Sounds both beautiful and horrible and we're both sad and glad that it's over then. But, that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy a new golden age of motoring where big engines of a different ilk do big things of an even bigger type without the worry of destroying the planet. Now that there is heaven.

Welcome to the age of electric super cars - our age - the age that will define our generation and what it means to live this side of the century.

Seemingly every brand now has a new electric super car on the way and here is another straight of Silicon Valley itself containing everything you ever wanted in a car. Like a pretty face. And an environmental conscience. And a monstrous amount of power. It's enough to consume Oupa's V8 some 10 times over and that there is perfect evolution.

Meet the Drako GTE, which is a car you'll probably never see. Only 25 will be built at some 20-bar a pop so get used to perving without touching. Jip, that's our generation's soul-destroying reality so get used to it bro!

This one comes with some 900kW and a statement that ought to make the big boys snigger. It boasts "cornering precision unlike any other supercar on the road today”, which is some statement.

And yes, we agree, it's unlikley that the Drako will ever be as good as a Porsche Taycan, but it sure as hell makes us wonder. Are we in the golden age of this century's motoring? You know it brother. So just sit back, take it all in and appreciate the machines to come.

Motoring is just getting warmed up.