This is the world's blackest BMW! Literally

Not only that, it's also the world's blackest car...

Ah yes. The BMW X6. A car that nobody should ever buy because, well, what is it exactly? Who knows...

But, as "a car", it's holding on and this one, the one you don't really see here, is the new one that BMW has just released. It's a one-off painted in Vantablack, which is literally the darkest colour in the world because it absorbs 99.075% of light, making it almost impossible to identify its lines and features.

It just looks like a flat surface, or a shadow, which is the dumbest thing BMW has ever done (well, except for that time when they unnecessarily called the two door M3 the M4, which was silly to say the least).

Now, for a car that already comes with such an ugly reputation, painting the X6 invisible was sure to stoke the fire. They stepped right into this one. It's hilarious! How can BMW not have known that painting one of their most controversial cars invisible would just be a bad idea?


So yes, because you insisted then BMW. For a brand that produces many of our favourites, it hurts to say this: We like the X6 in Vantablack! That way we don't have to see the damn thing.

What a relief.