This Dodge Challenger comes with a birth certificate

Isn't that kind?

Aah yes, an American muscle car with everything you love about about American muscle cars. Like a V8. And a GT stripe. And a massive hole in the bonnet! And a birth certificate...

Yes, a birth certificate...

It's a Dodge Challenger by Mopar, which comes with bigger brakes, stiffer suspension and a Shaker hood that will snip your panties. Nice.

362kW through a manual gearbox is downright perfection, especially if its owner's kits comes with a birth certificate. Jip, as only 100 of these will be built in pitch black or knuckle white, you can now prove it's one of the 100 with an original birth certificate.

"On this day a child was born. A mad ass 'merican child that belongs to you."

Isn't that kind? Sure is.

Available now for just R699k in America, it's peanuts too. Now that's the American dream.