New Lambo alert! It's the Siån

Poster boy's back baby! This time in vomit green - and hybrid...

Jirre. Yuslaaaikit. He banna! My bru. It's a new Lambo by Lambo, which means one thing: You better open your eyes and take a look. It's like a celebrity flashing a boob - it's what we wanna see every day of the week, but only get once in a while. So enjoy it bro!

It's called the Siån - pronounced Sha-aan - and it means 'flash of lighting'. Of course it does. The thing is lightning cool, lightning-level interesting and lighting fast: 0-100 in under 2.8 seconds is just right, we think, and it ought to sound like a hungover demon.

Prep the heaving sounds - the vomit is coming: 602kW compliments of 12 cylinders and supercapacitator technology means that the wheels are also boosted by electricity, making things as brutal AF.

Supercapacititors are like batteries on roids - they charge quickly, distribute power fast, are three times lighter than usual lithium-ion ones, while boasting 3 times the energy. Yoh. How's that son?

Then, this: They're recharged completely everytime you brake - not gradually - which eliminates lag between gear changes. It's relentless then: It's badass power and badass acceleration from, traditionally, the bad boy of the super car world.

It's sad then that you can never buy one - sad that you'll never have the dream of even owning one - because only 63 will be built, and all have already been sold.

Jip, gone like lightning son. Like Siån itself...