The Porsche Taycan is here! How time flies...

It's been four years since Porsche unveiled the Mission E. Finally, the future is here.

Sure, Tesla showed us that electric vehicles are the future and sure we loved them, but this, this is something different. This is a motoring icon - this is Porsche - our most favourite of flat-6 noises and everything you dream about as a kid.

So what does an all electric Porsche mean for us real car lovers then? It means this: Electric will replace petrol whether you like it or not and Porsche proves that that's a good thing. The engineering, in true German fashion, puts Tesla to shame. Or at least that's what the experts are saying.

Bear in mind that Porsche brings with it the gravity of a century, the legacy of sports car glory. Everything in it and of it is geared towards driving perfection in ways that Tesla could never have even known. This is as much memory-muscle engineering as it is modern, which is something that only the likes of Porsche could do. Not some Silicon Valley wannabe.

0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds comes gloriously quick and "emotionally" too, thanks to an electric sound you will learn to love. It pushes 567kW in the Taycan Turbo S model, which is downright lovable too.

0-200 km/h comes in under 10 seconds without ludicrous mode or nerdy tech - no, the Taycan does what it needs to do everytime and all the time - the Porsche way.

The sound of it is vital. It doesn't look to emulate a petrol motor - rather, it embraces the essence of electricity and tells a new generation what sounds good. It's a sound that will come to define our grandchildren's dreams...

That's why the Taycan is so important. It's an acknowledgement that electric cars are not different beings. Rather, they are just normal cars with different propulsion. That's it. You shouldn't know or care that you're in one - all you should know and care about is that you're in a version better than the previous and in a car that's cool. That's the only thing that has ever mattered and Porsche has made the step to electric seamless in that sense.

But, the charging time of around 30 minutes is still annoying and will continue to plague all electric cars until it's fixed. But, a range of 450km+ is good news, so there's more than enough legs to keep you smiling.

Indeed, we like the Taycan a lot. We like what it means for our future. We like that it's teaching Silicon Valley how to make cars and most importantly, we like that it looks sick too.

This is something special gents in ways we could never have imagined. Now the imagining is over. It's here.