The Audi A1 from ABT is sick!

The only problem with the new Audi A1 is this - it won't smash your face! Now, ABT has a solution. Well, kind of.

We like the Audi A1. It's perfectly primed to be a boyhood racer, so why isn't it? Nope, Audi doesn't give us a mad-ass RS1 and there's good reason for that. You probably wouldn't buy the S3 then and you'd probably also die doing stupid things.

Like thinking you're Vin Diesel in a Furious sequence, which, to be fair, is what we all tend to think on a Friday night anyway, RS1 regardless.

Now, this: An Audi A1 by ABT that's trying to do what Audi is not - that is, smash your face! Well, kind of. The thing pushes 176kW, which is not monstrous, we'll admit, but hey, have you seen the A1? It's the size of your thumbnail bro!

Then, there's a few other things that will make you smile. The thing comes with a stiffer, sportier suspension that lowers it by 30mm, and gives you the option of those 18-inch beauts in matte or gloss.

We'll do matte, thanks ABT - and thanks a lot for trying at least!

Audi, you know what to do.