New 4-series to get massive grille!

Damn son! Now that's a pair of braces.

There are many iconic things in the car world. Like the prancing horse. And the silver star. And the unbelievable ability that Porsche designers have to reinvent the same shape time and time again.

But, of all those iconic things, perhaps this is the most iconic - BMW's kidney grille - the most recognisable feature on any car since Henry Ford decided that cars were a thing!

It's something that they're very proud of and understandably so - the iconic kidney grille is very cool. But, we're not so sure about a kidney grille-come-gates-to-Saxonwold collaboration and we think you'd agree. What say you?

It's the face of the coming 4-series btw - well, at least the potential face - and it looks as if it will bite your fingers off. It's basically a massive pair of braces slapped to the front end that kind of looks like an angry bugs bunny. What's up doc? Wanna die?

It “reference[s] legendary classics such as the BMW 328 or the BMW 3.0 CSI and therefore shine the spotlight on the BMW brand’s long and successful history as a maker of fine coupes.”

Well, we can't argue with that, can we? Nope. If we did, that thing would give us rabies.