This Mini comes with a racing suit!

September 11, 2019

And a price tag that will make you say bad, bad things.


David Brown Automotive. It's the brilliant and mad company that has built this: A retro Mini with all the goodies, including a 1.4-litre, 5-speed motor that comes with a kick to the teeth and the wallet! It's called the Oselli Edition and it looks rather brilliant.


Jip, the original Mini weighs just 600kg, so you can only imagine how a modern take on its motor, with bigger brakes and fatter tyres, must feel in the flesh. Very, very fast that is! And it ought to. It's 4 times more expensive than a new GTI, and costs R1.8 million! Jirre.


To be fair, it's 40 times cooler than a new GTI in every way imaginable and cooler still for this: It comes with a matching race suit and helmet as an option, which is something we'd wear every time we drove it.


Not strange at all...





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Holy! The Hennessey Resurrection

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