WTF is this?

It's an Audi.

The Audi AI:TRAIL is something that you'll never own. Nope. Why would you buy an off road machine that can only handle 250km when 4X4ing? Sounds like a Kalahari nightmare to us.

But, at least you'll actually be able to drive the thing off-road because as you can clearly see (without us needing to explain) this thing is clearly of autonomous ilk, and you wouldn't even need to open your eyes when you step inside it. Except if you're off road of course, where you''ll then have to use pedals and a steering wheel to get about. Oh the pain!

It pushes 321kW, which is quite kind to be fair, and looks rather comfy as a safari machine. But, unless the Kruger gets electric charge points soon you best forget about it son!

Pity. The thing looks like it was built for a Jurassic Park movie and would seriously look the part in a rhino fight! Bring it on.