Special Edition Land Cruiser for the Bokke!

September 19, 2019

It's called the Namib and it's just for us.

South Africans love the Toyota Land Cruiser. So much so that we now sell this special edition dedicated to the ruggedness of our landscape, which is sure to have every farmer from KZN to Calvinia drowning in the depths of their wet dreams.

Disgusting, we know, but that's how much we adore this icon and we're not ashamed of it. Introducing the Namib, which is an even khaki'er version of the Land Cruiser we know and love, except this time with fancy little touches. Nice.

Like a Namib badge. And nifty seat covers. And LED spotlights! And, most significantly, an even hardier suspension. Yes, it's possible...



No doubt, this is the car manifestation of the Springboks then. Iconic, Hard. Brilliant. And worth the trophy.

Bring it home boys. Bring it home! Do it for our deserts. Our horizons. And, most of all, for our Land Crusier-loving people... 


That's us.





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