This is not the Pista you were expecting!

It's the Abarth 595 version of it that we love. Especially the yellow bits!

One of South Africa's worst selling car brands is Abarth, which, as you know, is also one of the coolest little face smashers on Planet Earth. We love it!

Well, there's good news then if you love it too: Now, there's a new one! Smirks aside, it's called the Pista, which makes you wonder if this is a Jack Russel on roids thinking it's a Boerboel. Which it isn't. 

Surprise, surprise though: A feisty little Jack Russel is scary enough! 

Jip, 121kW in a car the size of a your android device is brutal. The Pista comes with a larger turbo and fancy race bits, like a Koni rear suspension and ventilated discs, and of course, that spitting-cobra exhaust noise that brings it all together. 


Look, we've said it before and we'll say it again: We're not sure why the Abarth sells so poorly in Mzansi because it's brilliant. Who knows: Maybe all it ever needed it was a cheeky name change you'd actually remember? Like Pista!

Pista it is boys. Pista it is...