Chick Land Rover juices up!

Holy smokes. Lumma's Evoque just got fat. And fat is nxa!

There's not much more that can be said about the Evoque that hasn't been said already. It's pretty. It's sleek. And it can never, ever, ever be driven by a man.

That's a good thing. There are many womanly cars out there that we love and we love them more because they're chick-only. Power to all powerful women: Cars belong to all of us and if a middle-aged balding man is allowed to look good in a Fortuner, be assured then that all ladies are allowed to look brilliant in an Evoque.

And then came this thing: An Evoque for every man out there who also wants to get in on the pretty action - an Evoque so dakked out that you'd swear it found a back alley somewhere outside Billy the Bums, bought some roids, and then just didn't look back.

Apiwe Dyanti this thing is big! It's so fat they've had to insert wheel spaces to accommodate for the fatness, which is brilliant.

But, not as brilliant as this. Lumma's description of it: The rendition is meant to exude "extra class with the individualisation of a premium SUV".

Now we're not sure if they're being ironic, but if they are we love it. Their ain't nothing classy about this thing and that there is a fantastic truth.

Yes. We love you Lumma CLR RE. Including your ridiculous name!