Kahn Design reworks the X-Class!

But what have they actually done? Taken it to Bedfordview, that's what.

Take a peep gents: A Mercedes X-Class without a Mercedes badge, but, kindly, a new pair of massive 22-inches! Jip, those sure as hell aren't very standard, are they?

Hectic: There ain't nothing plaas about this bad boy, is there? It's got that Eastern-European-Mafia-Boet-meets-Bedfordview vibe going and we quite like that. Not the boet. The bakkie!

Also notice the extended wheel arches, which are an unnecessarily cool touch, and on the inside you'll find Kahn seat studs and odd red-leather stripes. Now, unless you really like Kahn (which you don't because you've never heard of them before) we don't see the point of it all because that's where the custom work ends. They haven't touched a thing under the bonnet. 

Indeed, it's an odd little upgrade to tell you the truth. Less is more? Mmm. We'd recommend the standard X-Class in black. Yes, that'll do Pig. That'll do.